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10-10 At The ARRL National Convenion
10-10 will be represented by Mel, KD5DE and at least one other Director at the ARRL National Convention to be held in Hartford at the Connecticut Convention Center on July 17 through July 19th 2014.

Mel, KD5DE has asked for Volunteers from the Local Connecticut 10-10ers and also The Castle Craig Chapter to spend some time at the 10-10 Booth assisting in handing out flyers, talking to the attendees about 10-10 and just being there to present a local face on 10-10 and the activity in the state.

You do not have to be there full time. If you have a couple hours to you can give one of more of the days, please let me know and I will pass the information on to Mel. The more that volunteer the less the load on everyone else and also gives the President and other Directors time to see the show, visit other exhibitor and time to relax.

I plan to be there most of the weekend myself. I do not have the full schedule of when Mel plans to have the 10-10 booth occupied but Mel will provide me with more information as it becomes available. I don't expect that the 10-10 exhibit will be open the full three days of the convention.

More information on the event is available at:

-73- Al
CH / CM Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10
10-10 Planning Committee Member
I'm already committed to the QCWA booth for a shift (not yet determined when).
Put me in the 'injured reserve' list and depending on the QCWA time slot, i'll help out if I can.

(03-01-2014, 10:33 AM)K1PU Wrote: I'm already committed to the QCWA booth for a shift (not yet determined when).
Put me in the 'injured reserve' list and depending on the QCWA time slot, i'll help out if I can.


Will do. Mel has already started an "appeal" on the 10-10 discussion list for volunteers. Would be nice if they offered an incentive like a one day pass or something like that but that would be up to the BOD to approve. If you think of it as a place to sit and relax for a while it may be a more tempting offer.

Al - N1API

I've heard from Mel, KD5DE the President of 10-10 concerning plans for the ARRL Convention in July.

Mel will be the official representing 10-10. One local member in Hartford, (Art), will be receiving the material need for the booth, (Banners and Newsletters), and Mel will bring a kit with him when he flies in. He will stay at one of the hotels in Windsor Locks and Mel will drive in with Art.

The 10-10 booth will be open on Friday July 18th and Saturday July 19th. (It is a three day convention, Thursday is devoted to forums, activities, and ARRL Visits).

I plan to be there Friday and Saturday to help out with the booth. That gives us three people committed to mostly full time. If you are planning to attend we would like to get other 10-10 or club members to volunteer for an hour or two to sit in and give us some time to take a break, or see the convention or flea market. This is not "heavy duty" it is mostly just handing out newsletters and flyers or just meeting and greeting the people who stop by to say hello and sign the guest list. It can be a chance to find a spot to sit for an hour or so to see the world go by.

I'll be looking at information for the Bus system in Hartford. I suspect that it may be easier, (and cheaper), to get a one or two day round trip train ticket in from Meriden or Wallingford and take the bus to the Convention Center rather than have to deal with the traffic and parking fees for the convention center. You can park in one of the Meriden lots close to the station for free.

If you would like to sit with us for a while please let me know and I will pass this information on to Mel.


10-10 Planning Committee
CH/CM Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10

Al - N1API

Mel, KD5DE posted the following on the 10-10 discussion lists today.

KD5DE President 10-10 International Wrote:Ten Ten will be are the ARRL 100th anniversary event in July at Hartford CT. Our Booth Number is 310. Hope to see some of you there.


A mentioned or promised I've checked on getting to the ARRL National Convention in Hartford by train and avoiding the traffic and parking charges at the Connecticut Convention Center.

The Amtrak round trip fare is $ 7.65 for Seniors from Wallingford, 15.30 for Adults. From Meriden it's 5.95 for Seniors and 11.90 for Adults. (Per Day).

The Early train is 8:50 to about 9:05 AM depending on if you use Wallingford or Meriden. Trains back in the afternoon or evening are about, (different by a few minutes on the weekends), 3:25, 4:40, 6:04 (Saturday only) and 8 PM. The convention times are 8 to 5 on Friday and 9 to 4 on Saturday, Thursday is a "training day" that rus 8:30 to 4:30 so I think the first train up and either 3:35 or 4:40 trains back in the afternoon are the best. Check out the fares and schedules on or I have a PDF of the schedule I can email you.

Once in Hartford there is bus services that runs from Union Station to the Convention Center on Columbus Blvd, (or a group can share a cab). During the week a free Connecticut Company Bus Shuttle called the DASH runs and has a drop off at the Convention Center. There are also numerous other bus routes that go by. The number 3 Bus drops off on Columbus Blvd near the convention center. The DASH runs on certain weekends days when there is a special event going in Hartford. I don't know if if will be running that weekend. Check the Connecticut Company's web page at


Al - N1API

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