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Looks like I'll be sending the 857-D off for repair soon

Tonight I put the 857-D on the air for the second transmission on the net. Last night on the 6 meter net Jim said that I sounded "broken up". It looked like my microphone cord has some loose wires, (the heat shrink tubing has "retracted" from the 8 pin connector and looks loose). I figured that I had some frayed wires in the plug, I'd repaired it before and it worked pretty well. But I also at that time brought two spare cords for the MD-100 mic since I have two of them. I put a new cord on but they said it still sounded "rough".

Tonight I tried the other MD-100 head and also the Heil head set. The head set was higher in pitch but I could still hear the roughness monitoring with the 1000 MP. After the net I tried the hand mic and also tested on 20, 17 and 15, still terrible audio.

Not sure if it's related to the bad CPU thing, (which does it does not seem to be doing now), or a new problem but it looks like since the radio sounds like, (well you know what), I'm going to have to get it off to Yaesu sometime this week. I'll get an email out to Tech support and see what they say and also an estimate on repair time, (doubt if they quote an average repair cost). I can have it out there in about three days US Priority Mail, (and probably cheaper and Faster than UPS or FedEx).

Looks like I'm off 6, 2 and 432 till I get that radio back.

The hits keep rolling, (and so do the projects and bills.)


The radio shipped out Wednesday Priority mail, they should have it Friday.

Repair time estimate is 15 days. I may have it back for one last hurrah before taking the tower down for repair.


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