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10-10 Spirit Of 76 QSO Party - N1API - 06-16-2014

The 10-10 Spirit of 76 QSO Party is a week long event where you can work any 10-10 station or any station in 6 different modes.

The dates for this year's event are Monday, June 30th 2014 to Sunday July 6th 2014.

The modes of operation and the suggested calling frequencies are:

1. USB 28.345
2. CW 28.050
3. PSK31 28.120
4. RTTY 28.060
5. FM 29.600
6. AM 29.000

These are suggested calling or monitoring frequencies. If the band opens you may hear stations calling up and down from those frequencies.

Normal 10-10 QSO Party exchange is used. Log Date and Time worked, Mode, Call, 10-10 number, (if any), and State or DX Country. 2 points per contact with a 10-10 number, 1 point without.

Logs go to KZ3T at tentencontest@ten-ten.org.

Here is a copy of the Rules PDF..

1. USB [28345]
2. CW [28050]
3. Psk 31 [28120]
4. Rtty [28086]
5. FM [29600]
6. AM [29000]

Scoring will be as normal for QSO Parties, 2 points for members and 1 point for non members. Dupes will be allowed once for each mode. It will be possible to work the same call 6 times in each of the various modes for a maximum total of 12 points per call. All other normal rules apply.

This will also allow members to work on their Lucky 13 Award at the same time we are creating activity over the entire 10 meter spectrum. If band conditions are poor, and we all concentrate on the same frequencies, we have a much better chance of making contacts. The various Chapter Nets will have the opportunity after their nets to schedule some contacts for the various modes. During the Daily Nets we could schedule some activity when they are finished. Win1010 has been modified to score this event. Another program, TenxLogger will also work for this event. The QSO Party Log Form and QSO Party Cover Sheet from the Key Forms Page of this web site may be used. Electronic logs shall be forwarded to the QSO Party Manager at tentencontest@ten-ten.org.

The link also to the 10-10 contest schedule page: http://www.ten-ten.org/index.php/activity/2013-07-22-20-26-48/qso-party-schedule