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Two DXpedtions Running Botswana and Cocos-Keeling - N1API - 03-20-2021

From Mike N5MT

Update of DX News:
Since we have very little activity currently for DX, with two groups starting activity this week,
I wanted to wake you up to their activities.  Its been months since 2 DXpeditions have been
on the air at the same time but its happening as of yesterday.

Botswana in Africa started on the 14th and will go through the 26th callsign A25RU.
 I tried to work them on 40 meters FT8 late last night and missed them.  
No reports of Ten meters yet AND none of the
Russian ops are 1010 members.  Good luck if you need the A2 for DXCC.

Cocos Keeling Island in the Indian ocean started on the 16th until the 23rd callsign VK9CE.
An all Australian group went west of Australia to the island and started operating late yesterday.
Same info as no 1010 members in the group but its maybe a new one for your ARRL DXCC so 
good luck.  

Lets hope that Cycle 25 will give us some extra solar flux to get someone from these two sites
to be worked on Ten.  The A25RU has a good morning/noon chance with the VK9CE group 
will be heard in the late afternoons on Ten, 12 and 15 mtrs.

Good luck 73  Mike  N5MT  DX Editor