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Club Table Selling Guide Lines

Updated 10/19/2018 - [Reviewed 9-9-2019]

Here are the guidelines if you would like to place something on the club table, basically the same as last year but bear repeating again as a reminder and something for new club members to know.  One important change in bold to clear up some confusion from last year.

If you are going to bring something to the Nutfest for us to sell on the club table here are some guidelines to help us and for you to get maximum profit from your goodies.

This year along with myself there might be one other member and possibly some reliefs during the day.  If you are tired and need a place to rest for a half hour stop by and take a seat helping at the club table.  It will probably be low key, so you'll be able to rest your feet and give us a break.  One of the regulars should be near by if you need help.  I will be spending some time at the VE session also.

Important.  Items may be placed on the club table by MARC members only.  If you do not belong to the club then you must either obtain your own table or flea market space.

1. Please have a list of the items you are selling ready.

2. Make sure your name and call is on the list so we know who belongs to what.  If you have a cell phone with you put the number on there so we can call you if we need to for negotiations that we can't do.  We will try and page you on the PA first.

3. If the drop off is a donation for the club to sell let us know and also the approximate value we may expect from it.

3. For each item give us your asking price and your "best lowest offer" you will take. We will try to negotiate down to your best lowest offer but also try to get the maximum above that.

4.  Please pick your unsold equipment up before the "final drawing" of door prizes.  If you don't we may just do an "everything on the club table is free" offering.  If you don't want your Yaesu FT-5000 to end up in my shack, PICK IT UP!

5. Finally the club takes 10% of your total sales up to a maximum of $25.00 per member.  This is maximum donation and not "per item".  Your funds will be available at the next business meeting.

We hope you can walk away with some extra cash for your treasures.
Hello Al,

Are the guidelines the same for Nut Fest this Sunday.
If I find the time tomorrow, I may have a few items for the club table for Sunday. What say you?

You can email me directly at or I will check for your reply here.


James, guide is basically the same. We've LOWERED the maximum the club will take on sales.

Also this is for all your items together and not "per item". So if you sell two $250.00 items it will still be $25.00.

See you Sunday!

-73- Al
OK Al, sounds great - I am bringing K1STM and will bring any items I have for the club table over after I get her situated at her hand-stamp position.

THANKS, see you there.

Thanks to all who helped out at the club table yesterday. We had the best year yet and quite a few members made out well and came away with some extra cash to buy some more goodies to sell next year. We ended up with five tables for the club and needed them all.

Thanks to Ed and Clare, James (AB1DQ), Jim, (N1ZN) and Rich, I hope I did not forget anyone. I could not have done it without you.

Thank you Al and thanks to everyone else who worked Nut-fest, despite the raw weather, I sense it was a success - I chatted with some hams who came down from Shirley MA and said he thought ours was a great hamfest.
I made out pretty sweet on selling some of my backup gear that has just been sitting in the garage - going to flip my $$$ into a new 857D for the long planned GO-BOX... great time yesterday, can't wait 'til next year 73 DE AB1DQ

Glad you made out so well. Great choice on the radio. Get the CW and SSB filters for it all. They will help a lot.


Al - N1API

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