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The Club Gets More Good Press

The Fall Edition of the 10-10 News is out. If you have electronic membership download privileges you can go get the issue now. Those that receive it by may should get it within the next couple of weeks.

In his President's article, Mel KD5DE mentions the Meriden ARC and also names the member's who participated at the event.

Quoted from the Fall 2014 10-10 News

"As stated earlier, one of the goals for 2014 was to have
Ten-Ten in attendance at as many events as possible.
It seems that postal mail and e-mail reminders do not
produce a high percentage of renewals. Each renewal
is a plus, and it was expressed that personal contact
would be more productive. This has proven to be the
case. July 18-19, I manned a table with Al Kaiser, N1API
#25468 and Rob Ireland, VE9KM #69811 at the ARRL
100th anniversary event in Hartford, CT. Also available
were Jim, N1ZN #73599 and Mark, K1PU #33916 to fill
in if we needed booth support. Al was kind enough to
provide transportation for me, and the Meriden Amateur
Radio Club members made it possible for Al to man the
booth. The projected attendance was 4,000; the actual
attendance was between 3,600 and 3,800 depending on
who you ask. All the vendors and clubs I have contacted
reported a very successful event. Ten-Ten had better
response at that event than was encountered at Hamcom
in Texas. VE9KM has contributed an article on the event
elsewhere in this edition."

Al - N1API

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