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Help Really Needed At The 10-10 Booth At The Convention

Today I found out that the fellow who was going to help Mel, KD5DE out at the 10-10 Booth at the ARRL Convention in July will not be able to get off of work and had to cancel out.

I will be taking his place which means I have to stay at the Hotel Mel is at Thursday and Friday nights and then get Mel back to the Airport Saturday after the Convention closes. Not a problem for me.

But now it leaves us with only Mel and myself at the 10-10 booth for two days.

So again I am asking for anyone that can volunteer for an hour or so while you are there Friday and Saturday to be able to sit for an hour or so and give us a hand welcoming people, giving out flyers and Newsletter and just being there to possibly relieve us for an hour or so if we need to take a break, for comfort, food, look at a few of the other exhibits or whatever. You will not be taking renewals or have to handle checks or money. This is simply a friendly face of 10-10 deal. Mel deals with the business part if he needs to.

Please send me a message here, or via my email address or let me know on the net and we can talk.


I got QCWA duty, but my schedule not yet determined.
When I find out (or it nothing else) I can 'spell' you guys for an hour here or there.


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