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Different New Contest This Weekend

Dear ARRL SS SSB Participant,

We would like to invite you to join us for a fun, action packed, 4 hours of fast moving contesting THIS SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 7th in the NA SSB Sprint Contest!
UTC date/time April 8th 0000-0359Z. This is a great way to test things out and get warmed up for Phone Sweepstakes!

Unique QSY Rule:

This contest, as with other NA Sprints, has a unique QSY rule. If you call CQ, and someone answers your CQ, after that QSO has completed the person that called you gets that frequency and will then work the next caller, who will then get the frequency following that QSO. This has a couple of nice outcomes. If you want to call CQ, you can find a spot to do so because you don't have the band full of stations just calling CQ, since frequencies get vacated. Also, after you call someone who is already on a frequency, when you complete that QSO, YOU GET THE FREQUENCY! Many times there will already be stations ready to work the next station, which in this case will be YOU! So you make two QSOs on that frequency.

Door Prizes!

Another feature of the NA SSB Sprint are the door prizes! Anyone with a submitted score of 1,500 points or greater is put into a drawing for a number of door prizes that have been provided by sponsors of the event! Making 50 contacts with 30 multipliers is all it would take to generate 1,500 points to qualify!

W.A.S. T-Shirt Award!

Also, there is an NA SSB Sprint Worked All States T-Shirt awarded to everyone who manages to work all 50 states during the event. That feat has actually been accomplished by several operators in the past! Imagine WAS in just 4 hours!

And of course there are certificates and trophies in all of the power classes for all of the states and provinces. There is even a team competition with awards. Persons can form, name and register a 5-person team, such that the final scores from each of the 5 team members are added to generate a "Team Score".

For more information regarding this event, go to

We hope that you will be able to participate in and enjoy the NA SSB Sprint this Saturday night. Even part-time participation can put you in the running to receive a door prize and having your state on the air may just make it possible for someone to get WAS during the event.

73, Bob KW8N & NA SSB Sprint Contest Committee

P.S. If you get a chance, please enter your planned activity at so that we can be sure that all States and Provinces will be on the air.

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