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Repeater etiquette
MARC Net Script

Modified by and for K1TDO

About 3 minutes before 19:30 announce the following:

“This is K1TDO Net Control for the Meriden Amateur Radio Club Net. I will be beginning the Net at 19:30 local time. If there are any stations that need to use the repeater before I begin the Net at 19:30 please do so now.”


“Calling the Meriden Amateur Radio Club Net, calling the MARC Net for (date.) This is K1TDO, Todd, in Plantsville, CT. I will be your Net Control this evening. This is a directed Net and all Net business shall be handled through Net Control. All licensed Amateurs are welcome to check into this Net.”

“This Net meets each Tuesday at 19:30 local time. This is a weekly Net of the Meriden Amateur Radio Club for the purpose of: Sharing Club related announcements, general conversation, and posing the trivia question of the week. Please check in with your call sign phonetically, name and location.”

“Calling the MARC Net, calling the MARC Net. Check-ins please call now.’’

Note: Proceed as normal taking check-ins, asking for the check-ins with questions, queries, comments, business or announcements for the Net. After every three stations take a turn ask for further check-ins to the Net.

After every station has taken a turn. “Are there any late checkins to the Net at this time? Please call now.” “Jim, N1ZN, the Jeopardy question please.” When he passes it back to you “Thanks Jim. N1ZN, K1TDO Net Control.”

“Are there any late, late, late check ins to the MARC Net or any last questions, queries, comments, business or announcements before I close the Net? This is my last call.”

“This concludes the (date) session of the Meriden Amateur Radio Club Net. Thank you to all stations who checked in and to those who stood by while the Net was in session. We would like to thank the Meriden Amateur Radio Club for the use of this repeater. Again, this Net meets at 19:30 local time each Tuesday. The Meriden Amateur Radio Club has a ten meter Net on 28.375 MHZ after this Net each Tuesday at 8 PM local time. This is K1TDO Net Control closing the MARC Net and returning the repeater to regular Amateur use. 73 all.”

Note: Report all check-ins to Todd David Olsen by email at

The primary use of the net has been the informal exchange of general information. Are you now limiting it to "check-ins having questions, comments, business or announcements for the Net"?


Questions, queries, comments, business or announcements for the Net is general information. That's what comments is. Announcements wipes out the need for an announcements section. In other words say it all in three minutes. You can call it what you want its still the same thing. I have been giving more than one turn to a station but when I start the Net at 7:30 PM you will only get one turn. I think you are reading too much into it...relax. This is exactly how I run the Southington Amateur Radio Association Net. They have no problem with it. It only takes fifteen minutes to run that Net. You can say whatever you want during your turn. There are no restrictions. What you say doesn't even have to follow what is being discussed.

73, Todd K1TDO
At the annual meeting this year, Bill said to wait a second after the person your talking to un keys, that should be enough time for someone to jump in if they want to. Then key up your radio and make your transmission. In a second the repeater will have reset and you will get your full three minutes on your turn. Please, do this from now on instead of letting the repeater drop before your turn.

Thank you.

73, Todd K1TDO
Primary Net Control

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